This project aims to create a new generation of locker distribution systems whichsystems, which are simple, easy to use, smarter and dynamically reconfigurable. The lockers can be used to store, distribute or share items of any kind, and will be dynamically associated with specific services and functions depending on their content, but also user and system operator uses and requirements.

This new type of distribution system will make the use of distributed processing, acquisition, and action capacities made available by the underlying the infrastructure. This will help the system to better adapt to requirements linked to content and new uses defined by all players in the chain, end-users, but also logistics specialists or operators of the infrastructure or the distribution system fleet.

The proposed project offers an object storage and distribution service using connected lockers, which are dynamically linked to functions and services related tothat address end-user’s need, expectations and desires and operator’s uses and requirements.

Project Status: Finished
Start Date: December 2019
End Date: March 2023
Budget (total): 1396.38 K€
Effort: 18.43 PY
Project-ID: C2018/2-4



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