SMARTFARMCOLD is about the design, development and testing of a smart farming system that will take care of providing an effective, low cost, energy efficient, irrigation and other factors monitoring and controlling (soil characteristics, weather conditions like humidity, temperature, etc.) system and the cold storage facility working on solar energy situated in the vicinity of the farm itself. There is a need for environment friendly refrigeration and air conditioning system with minimum (or zero) electricity consumption. Such systems can be used at remote rural areas to preserve food, milk and other farm products. The major significant advantage in the proposed system is that it has No CFC, no compressor, recycles waste energy and can be integrated with solar energy converters.
The refrigeration system used for the cold storage plant will be adsorption (solid sorption) refrigeration system. The existing adsorption refrigeration systems have very less coefficient of performance, specific cooling power and they are bulky. The aim is to reduce the size of the adsorption system and to improve its performance by using composite or consolidated adsorbent (involving nanoparticles) for better heat and mass transfer.
Innovation will focus on energy efficiency to provide less energy dependent cold storages suitable for remote areas having scarcity of electricity. The use of nanoparticles based composites in alternative refrigeration systems can eliminate the use of highly energy consuming compressors at the same time improving the performance of existing refrigeration systems. Thus, providing energy efficient cold storages along with the smart farming measures will provide a complete package for farming sector taking care of farmers’ needs.



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