The increasing harmful emissions have finally created an almost inevitable natural deterioration. It is obvious that transition into a green energy ecosystem is necessary in order to stop the natural devastation. Green hydrogen will be a critical enabler for the global transition to sustainable energy and net zero emissions. Also, as a hydrogen carrier, ammonia will play a significant role in the new hydrogen ecosystem. Currently, ammonia production causes almost 11% of global industrial carbon dioxide emissions, and 1.8% of global emissions. Producing green ammonia is likely to be put in perspective as it is chosen as one of the most innovative and emerging technology trends in 2021 by World Economic Forum. Therefore, green ammonia production from green hydrogen is vital for sustainability of our world. Hence, we have formulated our strategy in order to develop green hydrogen, which is produced by electrolysis using green electricity produced from sun. In this project; a pilot scale green ammonia production site will be established and also a simulation of this site will be generated. In order to increase the innovative eligibility of this 4D Hydrogen project, a Smart Controlling Platform that will congregate all the data from the site will be developed; and also carbon trace will be calculated.



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