The project Ultra Scalable Wireless Access (USWA) focuses on technology research how to utilize the new DECT-2020 NR radio technology developed in ETSI in various use cases. DECT-2020 NR provides modern radio interface design with state-of-the-art radio capabilities for industrial use cases. DECT-2020 NR technology supports natively mesh radio network architecture which is enabling large scale local networking by relaying data between different devices and also enabling direct communication between devices. DECT-2020 NR technology can operate in a specific license exempt band used by legacy DECT. This provides an interesting opportunity for industrial IoT network deployments in industry facilities without the need of spectrum licenses and with the possibility for self-deploying and – managing by the industry itself. Autonomous communication network provides new business opportunities for industry developing their digitalization roadmap, as well as opens new opportunities for new small and mid-size industry.

In USWA project, DECT-2020 NR radio interface with mesh architecture is utilized in various use cases:

Electricity network QoS monitoring, which is needed as societies are moving from energy production based on fossil fuels to distributed renewable energy production, while the overall electricity consumption and production volume is increasing.
Condition monitoring in industrial facilities, to enable more accurate processes and machines’ condition monitoring towards “digital twin” data modelling capability.

Project Status: running
Start Date: December 2022
End Date: November 2025
Budget (total): 12883.18 K€
Effort: 121.49 PY
Project-ID: C2021/1-8



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