The UN’s SDG 11 reads “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. This deals with the Sustainability of Road Transport and Urban Mobility. Facts:

Over 120 years, the car industry created and fed a socioeconomic culture around the car that
pushes you to buy one and use it individually.
90 million new cars are being produced per year, of which 50 million go to urban areas,
condemning measures to minimise congestion.
Road transport sector has continuously increased total GHG emissions over the last 30 years.
Last decade, the EU and USA could not decrease road deaths/year. Serious injuries highly
In 2016, EU28 Road Transport External Costs reached €820 billion (6,6% of its GDP; €
3,150/vehicle/year), largely (60%) paid by society, not just users.
These costs arise from Accidents, Congestion, and Environment which are interconnected
and must be seen in an integrated way.
As the EU falls short of achieving all road goals, the invoice is ever-growing.
The Central objective of the project is to reduce Road Mobility External, and Internal Costs, such as €7,400/year/car and €11,100/year/van for fuel, insurance, accidents, maintenance,
and taxes.
Solution: we address Cultural Changes in Road Mobility. To achieve this, we can rely on Violeta Bulc’s quote: “[…]implement the ‘polluter/user pays’ principle […] define right incentives/charges models to promote a level-playing field among transport modes”, supported by reliability technologies, 5G-V2X and Edge computing.
Our technologies will provide fraud-proof, accurate calculations of External Costs savings due to any road sustainable action performed by a citizen, transforming them into Incentives.
Road, Mobility and Vehicles Data and Connectivity are at the core of tech developments and business solutions, as the required GDPR compliance.
Technology and beta market solutions will be tested/fine-tuned on a pilot-demonstrator connecting 1.000 Blackbox OBU + 2.000 Light OBU along 10 months.

Project Status: set-up
Start Date: July 2022
End Date: June 2025
Budget (total): 4808.42 K€
Effort: 78.76 PY
Project-ID: C2022/2-4



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