We had the pleasure of participating in the Manufacturing Day event powered by EIT Manufacturing, as part of ViennaUP’23. The event brought together industrial players, investors, and experts in global manufacturing to celebrate the achievements and potential of the European manufacturing industry. This year’s theme, “Green is the new black – From Smokestacks to Sustainability,” highlighted the industry’s transition towards environmentally-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices.

The event featured keynote speeches by renowned experts in the field, including Gerd Leonhard and Mariana Mazzucato, as well as pitching sessions of high-tech manufacturing start-ups from all over Europe. It provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration between various stakeholders in the industry, and culminated in a cocktail and BBQ celebration. Participation in the event was free of charge and on-site only. Overall, it was a great opportunity to learn, connect, and engage with the latest innovations and technologies driving the transition to sustainable manufacturing practices.



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