The Healthonomy Project is a response to the emerging national and global emergency related to climate change and the rapid growth of the aging population.
Building on the awareness program launched following the 2016 Paris Agreement and the UK Government’s Obesity Campaign to Protect Healthcare Systems from COVID-19 Infections, the project addresses the niche market of delivering personalized training services that are available to citizens Are available through the use of AI technologies. The project’s core value proposition is based on empowering citizens through fitness programs developed by personal trainers and delivered by AI-powered virtual assistants. The Healthonomy Gateway Service simulates the close interaction between the customers and the service providers, e.g. B. Personal trainers. The service providers are responsible for providing tailor-made and targeted training programs, the execution and effectiveness of which are monitored and revised based on customer feedback. The project’s success metric will be an actual improvement in quality of life rather than a mere increase in activity levels. For example, to enable individuals who have lost their daily independence to regain daily living activities (ADLs) like personal hygiene and instrumental daily living activities (IADLs) like shopping. The accuracy of the skeletal movement extraction algorithm provides customers with intuitive feedback to align their movements with the recommendations of the service providers and thus gradually improve their training performance. The mechanisms for collecting feedback use both visual and auditory sensory signals with the help of the HealthonomyApp. Physical health monitoring is also complemented by mental wellbeing assessments obtained from independent providers.
In addition to technical innovation, the business innovation program will stimulate regional and small-scale retail and hospitality organizations (among others) through partner programs. The Healthonomy Market Gateway enables business operators to launch health campaigns and promotional offers that reward customers through various financial instruments upon completion. The cooperation project extends over 24 months and brings together leading industrial partners (BEIA, VML, FINCONS, IZERTIS, SAMPAS) with unique skills in the areas of product development, deep learning, computer vision and system integration in order to achieve the goals of the project. The Healthonomy product will be introduced to 4 national pilots in Austria, Spain, Great Britain and Turkey.



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