SAIP – AI For AgriFood Supply Chain The SAIP project helps suppliers avoid problems by empowering […]
AgAPP-e – Agriculture’s digital Analyser of Production, for Phosphorus efficiency For improved production and environmental protection, […]
Mad@Work – Mental Wellbeing Management and Productivity Boosting in the Workplace This project focuses on the […]
SmartDelta – Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development Too often it […]
OMD – Optimal Management of Demand Increasing demands and time pressures accelerated by the pandemics make […]
ENTA – Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis for Cyber Security Today, more than 80% of Internet traffic […]
VESTA – Proactive protection against phishing-based ransomware Every year, millions of users fall victim to malware […]
TAPCOP – Traffic AI Prediction of Common Operational Picture Authorities continuously struggle with managing and controlling […]
BENTRADE Demand for electricity is set to grow and cost-effective solutions are emerging to optimize and […]
AIMOB SmartCity Renewable energy (bioenergy) is one of the key factors for ensuring the sustainable development […]
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