AGRICOP project focuses on a low cost solution to prevent animal attacks on crop fields, based on an loî based crop protection system. Many agricultural areas în the country are prone to animal attacks and people stopped farming and în some places farmers started migrating because of huge loss created by animal attacks. ln Chhattisgarh, crops damaged by wild animals rase 13%, from 11,828 hectares to 13,321 hectares în the year 2012. ln Karnataka crops damaged area was 1900 hectares, Arunachal Pradesh it was 1405 hectares, Assam it was 1082 , în Andhra Pradesh it was 781 hectares and în Bihar it was 90 hectares of land. The animal attacks on crops depend on many factors including landscape , climate, animal species, proximity to animal reserve areas, type of crops, availability of light etc. The influence of landscape on animal attacks can be seen considering the statistics from the northern and southern part of the country. Type of terra în and availability of water near the fields are also factors related to landscape. The damage level also depends on the attacking species. Elephant, porcupine, wild boars, Bandicoot etc. Seasonal crops are less prone to animal attacks compared to permanent crops. Crop fields close to animal reserve areas are more prone to attacks.



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