Another year, another chance to be part of GoTech World 2022 event,the largest B2B conference & […]
We advise and train SMEs in advanced manufacturing and digitalisation processes Until now, ADMA helped more […]
The increasing harmful emissions have finally created an almost inevitable natural deterioration. It is obvious that […]
DISTINGO aims to create a new generation of locker distribution systems, which are simple, easy to […]
AIROHARSH project aims to develop technological solutions addresses to the particular use case challenges like (1) […]
SMARTFARMCOLD is about the design, development and testing of a smart farming system that will take […]
AGRICOP project focuses on a low cost solution to prevent animal attacks on crop fields, based […]
THERMONITOR is a complete remote monitoring solution for important parameters, sensor development, sensor fusion, artificial intelligence […]
ROBOCHEF – The project proposal outlined in this application addresses the health care needs for homemade, […]
The aim of the EVMD project is to develop a portable / wearable, miniaturized multi-sensor respiratory […]
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